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Blog > SymfonyCon 2018 Lisbon Videos are Here

SymfonyCon 2018 Lisbon Videos are Here

By weaverryan | News | Jan 23rd 2019 |

SymfonyCon 2018 Lisbon Videos are Here

Last month, the SymfonyCasts team had the privilege of attending SymfonyCon 2018 with over 900 people from the Symfony community! If you were there, I hope we met you!

The conference featured over 25 speakers and, even if you attended, it's pretty hard to catch all the talks... across 3 simultaneous tracks (if you did, let me know your secret!). Fortunately, our friends at Symfony recorded all of the talks. And, starting today, these are being released right here on SymfonyCasts free for anyone who attended the conference or for subscribers.

I want the Videos!

Ready to watch the videos? Go, go, go!


We'll be releasing these as soon as they're ready over the next few weeks - so watch closely!

If you attended the conference, log in with your Symfony Connect account for access. Or, if you already have an account here, click the "Connect with Symfony" button on your profile. The videos are also available to all active SymfonyCasts subscribers.

If you have any questions or issues, as always, you can message us, say hi, or tell us random cool science facts at hello@symfonycasts.com.

Scripts & Subtitles too!?

But wait, there's mooooooore! I'm also really proud that we're able to release not only the videos, but the full script (free for everyone) and English Subtitles on all videos. As wonderful as all the speakers are... even I need a little bit of help understanding everything.

By the way, if you find any issue with the captions (some parts were tricky!) you can contribute those fixes back by sending a pull request to the correct script file: https://github.com/SymfonyCasts/sfcon2018/tree/master/sfcasts.

<3 the SymfonyCasts Team