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Frequently Asked Questions


Do the subscription plans include newly created tutorials and updates to existing tutorials?
When my subscription expires will I have access to the tutorials I've watched?
Does the monthly subscription end automatically after one month?
Does my admin account use up one of my team licenses?
Do you offer a discount based on country (PPP)?

Buying a Single Course or Gift Card

Can I purchase just *one* tutorial, instead of a subscription?
I've purchased a single tutorial, does this include any updates?
Is there an option to purchase a gift card?
Does the purchase expire?

Other Questions

In which currency will I be charged?
Wait... weren't you called KnpUniversity before?
I have a technical question on a tutorial I'm taking, where do I ask?

Dino Questions Answered

What's your favorite dinosaur?
Are dinosaurs lizards?
Are dinosaurs extinct?

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