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Blog > We can has RSS?

We can has RSS?

By kbond and 2 others | News | Sep 27th 2013 |

We can has RSS?

We have an RSS feed! Ok, that's not earth-shattering 2013 news, but you if you've enjoyed our posts about REST and OSS licenses, then subscribe and keep updated. We also use the blog to ask a lot of questions to help make sure that our tutorials represent the best-practices and opinions of a larger community. If you're one of those smart guys or gals, we definitely hope you'll show up in the future.


Simple Tech: \Suin\RSSWriter

Creating an RSS feed is simple and was made even easier by \Suin\RSSWriter. It's built with PHP namespaces, is tested in Travis, is all setup with Composer and does nothing more than help dump RSS. There are also some Symfony2 bundles for RSS, but creating a feed is so simple that these seem like overkill.

So if you have a simple RSS problem, this simple library solves it nicely. It doesn't support all of the fields possible in RSS 2.0 (something that's easily fixed), and you can certainly argue that Atom is better, but it got us up and running fast.

Like something better? Let us know :).