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Learn JavaScript


JavaScript for the geeky backend developer!

Courses in this Track

JavaScript Fundamentals Track Overview


Basic JavaScript skills, experience with jQuery and (as a bonus) a PHP background, so we can explain things in terms we understand!

After this track, what will my level be?

PRO JavaScript developer - able to use frontend frameworks and actually know how things work :)

Track Summary

Yes, yes, yes, you already know how to use JavaScript & jQuery. But look, the web is moving fast - and if you're still writing giant $(document).ready() functions, you won't be able to build the beautiful frontends you want!

This track is all about getting serious with JavaScript: understanding how it works, events, the this variable, new JavaScript (ES 2015), module loaders, and more! Everything you'll need to work with modern JavaScript! Phew!

What are you waiting for! Take your JavaScript skills to the pro level.